Sunday, February 1, 2009

We received the "official" OK from China last week, and we should be leaving for China in March to FINALLY go and pick up our new daughter! She will be six in April and is listed as being very bright and active. Gigi is very excited about her new little sister, but boy is she in for a reality shock when she really gets here!

Here is the letter we received from her orphanage (translated) about her, it still chokes me up to read it, especially the last paragraph.

An Changyu, female, was found abandoned at the gate of the house of a villager in Group 4, Huangfu village, Wangqu, Chang’an district, Xi’an city on May 19 2003. A lot of search by Wangqu police station failed to find her birth parents. On the same day the child was sent to Children’s Welfare Institute of Xi’an City to be raised. Doctors in this institute decided the child’s DOB as Apr.19 2003 according to her physical growth. After admission Changyu was examined to be a child suffering dysplasia of chest bone and cleft palate in the cavity.
On admission Changyu’s physical state was poor. Under excellent care of the caretakers her body improved gradually. In terms of sociality Changyu is active. She is outgoing, likes outdoor activity a lot, is not afraid of strangers, can play happily with anyone. She likes lively games especially with actions.
In terms of language she looks good. Usually she can memorize the words taught by caretakers and learns them seriously. In terms of actions she looks prominently, is an active child in the class, can climb to high places and crawl in low places, no problems at all in terms of playing the slide, trampoline and swing. She also likes to mold dough, occasionally swings her hip following music. She is always active.
In terms of self-care, she can have meals, drink water, have fruit and acidophilous milk, put on and take off clothes and hat etc. on her own.
This is lovely Changyu. We wish her sincerely that there would be a family who loved her and adopted her. We believe that she would surely bring a lot of happiness to you.

Below are the only pictures we have of her so far, and honestly I don't expect to get anymore. She is a tiny thing, but I have clothes left from Gigi in all sizes, styles and shapes. Boy Ican't wait to get her out of that brown sweater!

Blogging is new to me, so my brother, Steve, has basically set up this site. I will try and maintain it, so if anything looks weird, it's all my fault. I hope to be able to use this to keep everyone updated on our progress. I know a lot of people have given us a lot of support over the years. It has been 3 years of paperwork, waiting, more paperwork and more waiting. The wait is almost over!

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