Friday, March 6, 2009


We just received word from our agency that we are leaving for China on March 19th, 2009 to get our daughter! Our "Gotcha Day" is March 23rd! After years and years of waiting, it is surreal that in 2 weeks we will have another daughter. She turns 6 on April 19th, and we will be home to celebrate her birthday. We return from China on April 3rd. Today I am slogging through reams of paperwork and travel plans, making lists and getting a little nervous. I wonder what this little girl is thinking!

We have received no updates on her status, and most of her initial info is about a year old, so I am going with the old saying-"no news is good news". We are hoping to blog and post photos as we travel, so if she is dressed in clothes too big/small, it's because I have to guess at her size and take clothes with us. She will only have the clothes she is wearing when we get her, but when she gets home-she has several years/styles to choose from, I have saved all of Gigi's stuff and it is an explosion of pink!

Regarding Gigi, she is not going with us, and is pretty devastated by this. She keeps telling me she bought her own ticket (airplane) to China and here's the best part-it only cost $8.00! I need to find out who her travel agent is! Grandma Shirley will be her with her, along with her Aunt Carrie and Uncle Brad (thank you). The good news is we when we return, Gigi will be on Spring Break, so we will all have a good 10 days to get to know each other!

Thanks to all of those who have used the donation button on this blog. We have applied for multiple grants, but not been approved for any :( I am sure in this economy they are suffering.

Thanks again for everyone's support, emails, phone calls and good wishes!

Julie, Kirk and Gigi